Best Netflix Movies and Shows to Watch While High in October

A cannabis high can be an occasion unto itself, but more often than not, we find the experience is better enhanced when paired with that trusty source of entertainment, Netflix. So, we’ve endured hours of sitting on the couch to bring you the top movies and shows Netflix has to offer in October for those nights when you want to smoke and chill or when you want a thrill (it is Halloween month after all).

Black Mirror

This British import has been likened to the Twilight Zone for its use of eerie surrealism. A less expected comparison is Seinfeld, since each episode feels like an exaggeration of modern life. Every story in Black Mirror leaves you to wonder whether what you just watched could be what you experience in reality tomorrow.

Stranger Things

One of the media phenomena of the year, Stranger Things keeps you on your feet with exactly the right combination of the supernatural, nostalgic 1980s aesthetics, suspense, the irresistible charm of perfectly cast, lovable kids, and, of course, Winona Ryder.

Rogue One

The first of the Star Wars offshoot films, Rogue One employs many of the same visual effects and musical themes as the original movies. We’ve always thought that star fields and orchestral music pair perfectly with a heady high. And a female protagonist who isn’t running around in high heels — enough said.


Smart enough that it’s not technically stoner comedy, but goofy enough to elicit laughs in any state of mind, Portlandia offers light fare for short attention spans. Fun cameos and unexpected storylines poking fun at the tragically hipster will keep your mind engaged while your body melts. Carrie + Fred forever!

Chef’s Table

Second only to indulging in munchies is watching incredibly talented chefs craft food so gorgeous and original that it will, well, blow your mind. Not to mention the symphonic soundtrack pairs perfectly with the orchestrated movements on the screen.


Futurama is an adult cartoon based in the future, but it has timeless appeal. From unabashedly nerdy comedy to undercurrents of sentimentality and romance, it’s an unexpected crowd pleaser that offers something to appeal to most sensibilities, including our own.


We all know the basic premise of the Sherlock Holmes stories, but this BBC interpretation takes place in modern London, giving the classic stories a fresh coat of paint. Starring the incredibly named and fascinatingly featured Benedict Cumberbatch, you’ll watch in awe of his mystery-solving magic and his mystifying arrogant charm.

Moonrise Kingdom

Wes Anderson employs his characteristic combination of beautifully stylized scenes, eccentric humor, and a perfectly curated soundtrack to create a film that’s slow and sweet. It’s a languid pleasure, a bit like a good high, with a good dose of nostalgia for the by-gone days of youth.