Weed Storage Basics: Tips to Keeping Your Flowers Fresh

You’re finally a fully realized adult with a great job, sense of style, and apartment you’ve actually taken time to decorate. Now onto more important matters at hand: weed storage.

You might not have given a lot of thought to how you store your cannabis. But the expanding acceptance of marijuana means you no longer need to stash your flowers in your sock drawer away from prying eyes. Still, you may feel the need to be discreet, and maybe you’d even like a weed storage container that enhances rather than destroys your home vibes.

Why even care about weed storage at all? Besides aesthetics, there are pragmatic reasons, not the least the desire to ensure your flowers remain as fresh on the last use as the first. Storage containers also help you organize your flowers by variety and, thereby, therapeutic effects.

On the matter of shelf-life, like all plant products, cannabis degrades over time. But when cannabis flowers are stored properly in the right type of environment, you can help maintain their fragrance, taste, and the chemical compounds that lend them their potency.

The main key is keeping an adequate level of humidity — buds also burn their best when they contain the right amount of moisture. Below are more tips on proper weed storage and cannabis storage solutions:

Proper Weed Storage Do’s

+ Use airtight, vacuum seal containers, such as mason jars
+ Use containers made of materials with a neutral electrical charge, like glass, to avoid static
+ Store the containers in a cool, dry place below 70 degrees Fahrenheit away from sun/UV light
+ Keep different strains in separate containers to avoid mixing aromas and chemical compounds
+ Maintain an optimal range of 55% to 62% relative humidity (RH) in the storage container, such as by using Boveda packs

Improper Weed Storage Don’ts

– Don’t use sandwich bags for anything but short-term storage, as they generate static charge, lose moisture, impart an unpleasant plastic taste, and alert anyone within 5 feet you have weed
– Don’t store your flowers in your fridge or freezer, as temperatures below freezing can cause trichomes to separate from your flowers
– Don’t keep near sources of heat and electricity, such as your stove, oven, electronics, heaters, which can dry out cannabinoids and terpenes
– Don’t pre-grind and store for long periods of time, which increases moisture evaporation rates

Weed Storage We Like

In no particular order, here are some of our favorite vessels for storing cannabis:

Mason jars: Airtight, made from glass, available pretty much everywhere, and downright affordable, these are our go-to containers for just about anything. When grouped together on a shelf, they create an eye-catching apothecary-style look. We are particularly fond of the smaller quilted jars from Ball.

weed storage jarsRiess containers: If you’d like your cannabis containers to come from a 200-year-old small Austrian family company, then these are for you. Each container is handmade from steel coated with enamel for UV light-proof, airtight, stackable, scratch-resistant, and dishwasher-safe weed storage. They also come in a range of stylish colors, so they look great in a cabinet or out in the open.

riess containers for weed storage

Infinity jars: These sleek, handsome bad boys aren’t just pretty faces. Made of eco-friendly, European-made, UV light-proof glass, they are discreet, airtight, smell-proof, spill-proof, and guaranteed to preserve dried goods for over 6 months. A variety of sizes are available.

infinity jars for weed storage

The Bureau: This cannabis storage startup is generating excitement in the industry by pairing function with thoughtful, beautiful design and modern, minimalist shapes. They also offer features like child-resistant locks and airtight and smell-proof seals. The Bureau is currently a business-to-business shop, so you can find their containers at select dispensaries. (Check out our interview with Josh Gordon, founder of The Bureau!)

bureau for weed storage

Cannador: Maybe you’re fancy, or you want something that goes with your Danish modern furniture. Cannador makes premium, stylish storage containers made of sustainably forested cherry or walnut wood insulated with mahogany to prevent smells from leaking. These cannabis containers are priced from $100-$308.cannador for weed storage

*Most people find 30-60% RH comfortable, so if the air in your room is on the borderline of comfortable humidity, it should be fine to capture in your weed storage container.