Hi&Low Travel: Top 5 Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

It’s no secret that over the last couple of decades or so, Portland, OR has evolved from a dreary post-industrial town to the hipster haven of the Pacific Northwest. (Catch up on one of our October Netflix recommendations, Portlandia, to watch a satire of Portlanders in their habitat.)

We recently spent some time in PDX laying the foundations for our online marketplace Say Hi (sign up for emails to get updates on our January launch). Here are the top five things that tickled our fancy during our too-brief whirlwind visit (conveniently mapped out here).

Coava cafe portland

Portland Coffee

Coffee culture is nearly ubiquitous these days, but its roots are deep and its taste is particularly delicious in Portland. While Portland is is the home of brands that have gone national such as Stumptown, you can hardly turn the corner without running into an exciting independent roaster.

Our Portland caffeine-fix recommendations include:
Coava, 1015 SE Main St.
Upper Left, 1204 SE Clay St.
Good Coffee, 1150 SE 12th Ave.

Serra portland dispensary

Portland Dispensaries

We’ve traveled far and wide, and Portland is truly one of our favorite cities for dispensaries. A longstanding culture of cannabis acceptance combined with the city’s strong interest in design and artisanal specialty products like coffee and chocolate, and you get beautiful, friendly, professional dispensaries that sell high-quality, well-curated cannabis products.

Our Portland cannabis-fix recommendations include:
Serra220 SW 1st Ave.
Farma916 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Chalice Farms420 NE 60th Ave. (multiple locations)

Blue Star Donuts

Portland Donuts

We suspect that there is an unofficial competition for the best donut in Portland. The contenders come out swinging strong, and it’s worth a tour around the city to try the variety of offerings.

Our Portland sugar-fix recommendations include:
Voodoo Doughnut, 22 SW 3rd Ave.
Blue Star Donuts, 3549 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
coco donuts, 2735 NE Broadway St.


Portland Shopping

Home to modern artisans of all kinds, Portland is one of the West Coast’s best shopping destinations if you’re seeking objets d’understated cool. Whether you are buying or browsing, independent shops abound in each of the city’s central neighborhoods selling everything from modern home accents to hip clothes, jewelry, chocolate.  

Our Portland shopping-fix recommendations include:
Woonwinkel (modern home decor), 935 SW Washington St.
The Meadow (chocolate, artisanal salts, flowers), 805 NW 23rd Ave.
Self Edge (men’s clothing), 1022 W Burnside St.

Portland Japanese Garden


We certainly appreciate greenery, and the landscape of the Pacific Northwest is a network of lush green hills covered in a beautiful mess of trees. Portland makes it easy to escape into nature for a heady day of outdoor adventures.  

Our Portland nature-fix recommendations include:
International Rose Test Garden
Portland Japanese Garden
Forest Park