Better Cannabutter, Using Sous Vide

If you enjoy cooking or simply watching food TV, you might be familiar with sous vide — a cooking method that uses a temperature-controlled water bath to slowly and precisely cook food. As sous vide cooking devices have become compact and affordable, they’re moving out of restaurant kitchens and into home kitchens. And what can you do with sous vide? Why, make everything from a medium-rare steak to the perfect cannabutter.

Start with a classic cannabis butter recipe, and put the decarboxylated cannabis and butter into a sealed mason jar. Set the sous vide cooking temperature to 185° F or 85°C, and submerge the jar in the water bath. Cook for 3-4 hours, and strain out the solids.

Conventional methods (e.g., stove-top) work as well, but the benefits of using this technique to make cannabutter are worth some serious consideration. Using a sous vide machine means you don’t have to watch the thermometer to keep the cooking temperature consistently low. And who has the time to watch a thermometer for 3-4 hours?

Beyond simplifying the cannabutter process, it also makes the result more consistent and predictable. Maybe best of all, sous vide cooking involves putting all of the ingredients into sealed containers, preventing the typical odors involved in canna-extraction from invading all corners of your home.

Right in time for Thanksgiving and your holiday feasts, here are a couple of our favorite at-home sous vide cookers for better cannabutter:

Joule, available at

Anova, available on Amazon
Happy cooking!