Best Netflix and Amazon Prime Shows and Movies to Watch While High in January

Our resolution for 2018? Maximize entertainment (of all kinds), and minimize time wasted looking for it. This month’s picks for the best Netflix and Amazon shows and movies to watch while high is designed to help with just that.

Best Netflix Shows and Movies

Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman
We’ll admit that reading subtitles while high is no easy task. But it pays off when you watch the adventures of Kantaro, a candy-obsessed man who decides to work a boring corporate gig purely for the opportunities to taste sweet goodness at every turn.

The Crown
You don’t have to be a British Royal Family fanatic or an Anglophile to be drawn into this world (we’re neither). But you’ll come out with an understanding of the Queen’s matching pastels as proto-feminist power suits. And Matt Smith (recognizable from his stint as Doctor Who) as Prince Philip may give you a highly enjoyable feeling of being in an uncanny valley.

Guardians of The Galaxy 2
We’re always impressed when action movies incorporate smart comedy. Chris Pratt and the gang return to save the galaxy along with a heaping dose of witty banter and actually well thought-out plot.

Godless is centered around a desolate, fateful New Mexico town — recalling Westworld without the robots. Worth watching to see Lady Mary from Downton Abbey deliver a Western accent.

The Truman Show
This late 90s classic makes us question the nature of reality no matter what our state of mind.

Best Amazon Prime Shows and Movies

The Big Sick
Some of the best scenes in Silicon Valley feature Kumail Nanjiani, so we love that he takes the lead in The Big Sick. He makes maximum use of his dry humor and extraordinarily expressive eyebrows to tell the story of a Pakistani immigrant who rejects tradition to pursue love.

Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks earns its place in the pantheon of great television by ignoring all conventions. Starring a young, starry-eyed Kyle Mclaughlan, this quintessential David Lynch production plays with the supernatural in ways that are still unparalleled. But we also watch for the cheesy charm, quirky characters, and a cross-dressing David Duchovny.

Manic pixie dream girls are generally not our cup of tea, but this one is. Maybe it’s because she’s English, or maybe it’s because she’s got a wonderfully self-deprecating sense of humor about her quest to find love.

The Stories We Tell
An evening of intoxication sometimes calls for some truly beautiful storytelling. The Stories We Tell takes you into the life of filmmaker Sarah Polley as she explores the relationships in her family and discovers the reality of her own origin.