Hi&Low’s New Year’s Resolutions

Although January 1st is just a calendar day from December 31st, it feels like a chance to hit the reset button. We at Hi&Low especially like to make resolutions for the New Year — even though we haven’t been able to remember them past February. This year might not be any different, but with legalized adult-use in California and pot-preneurs creating fresh products, we’re looking forward to high times in 2018.

Here are five New Year’s resolutions we’ll be attempting to follow this year:

Resolution #1: Taste 15 Different Strains of Flowers

We’re rather monogamous when it comes to flowers. But we’re willing to become polyamorous for the right reasons. We think we’ll cozy up to that sexy stranger at the dispensary and see where the night takes us. Who knows — we might meet the new love of our life. Plus, our ever-changing body chemistry means something that affects us one way today might affect us another way another day.

Resolution #2: Watch More Intelligent TV

Sure, our parents warned us that TV will rot our brains. We beg to differ now that we’re watching Mindhunters rather than Mickey Mouse. TV is where we learn about Columbia’s drug wars (Narcos), how to speak in a 1900s Birmingham accent (Peaky Blinders), and discover dystopian pseudo-realities (Black Mirror). It’s also the perfect backdrop to accomplishing our Resolution #1.

Resolution #3: See More (and Better) Art

Artists seem really cool. Which is why we endeavor to see more art exhibits and museum shows in 2018. Perhaps the cool factor will rub off on us, or at the very least we’ll be able to espouse on Nathaniel Mellors’s satirical critique of contemporary morality and power structures. (See, we sound totally cool now.)

Resolution #4: Learn How to Bake

If the thought of getting a KitchenAid stand mixer is more frightening than thrilling, you have a kindred spirit in us. But one’s got to bake in order to get baked, as we’re sure some famous philosopher has once said. Plus, baking our own edibles means we get control the cannabis dosage and ingredients. So we can finally have a stash of organic, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, paleo, and sustainable treats. Just kidding.

Resolution #5: Quit Our Jobs, Move to a Beautiful Island, and Live a Life Leisure

This is the resolution we most look forward to accomplishing each year. We haven’t achieve it quite just yet. So if you have a few spare millions, don’t hesitate to send them our way.