Interview: Sarah Remesch, Founder of 270M & Managing Editor of Viride

Sarah Remesch is a digital marketer, advertiser, and creative with a track record of innovative campaigns for Fortune 500 and luxury companies. She’s currently the founder of 270M, a boutique creative and digital marketing agency representing luxury and cannabis brands. You might have seen her recent gorgeous work for Cannador, MagicalButter, CannaSmack, and NugTools. Sarah is also the managing editor for Viride.

Despite a very full workload, Sarah was gracious enough to chat with us about the intersection of luxury and cannabis, why marketing cannabis will not be easy anytime soon, and what she does on a lazy day (hint, ordering Seamless is involved).

Why did you decide to focus on cannabis and luxury brands?

The majority of my past marketing and advertising experience is in the luxury space. I find it challenging to work with luxury brands that speak to a unique consumer. With that, developing luxury goods that cannabis consumers enjoy can elevate the cannabis industry. This is what we do at 270M: branding, creative, and strategy for the industry.

What do cannabis and luxury have in common? And how are they different?

We are all in agreement that cannabis has a pretty unrealistic and negative stigma. As cannabis professionals, we can either contribute to the cannabis stereotypes or participate in creating a more enticing image for current and potential consumers.

As in any market, consumer product goods can be high or low end. Luxury is meant to mean extravagant, and cannabis does not need to be extravagant. Luxury cannabis goods can still be attainable. But we need to flood the cannabis space with higher-end products to drive the lifestyle in this direction.

Our goal is to make cannabis a product that everyone can enjoy at any level to open up the conversation beyond the cliche “stoner” noise.

What has been your favorite cannabis campaign and why?

A couple colleagues of mine produced High Her Story, which is an awesome series that talks about prominent female figures in history. At this time in media, who isn’t interested in the women who forged the way for us today?

Has marketing cannabis products become easier, harder, or simply different since you’ve been involved in the industry?

Simply different. Marketing cannabis is not easy, and I don’t project that ease will come anytime in the near future. That’s what makes this industry so exciting — the creative executions that you need to develop and the out-of-box ideas that appeal to potential consumers.

Before we launched Viride, we developed a parody Instagram account called @herbgals. We used the account to drive a community, and then we launched Viride to give that community a place to learn more.

This is an industry where marketers can toss their traditional advertising budgets and develop niche campaigns to speak direct to their brand advocates.

What are the challenges and opportunities in marketing cannabis products at this moment?

The industry’s largest challenge is the digital restriction of typical mass reach. You’re not going to see a Google ad pop up for your favorite topical. But we are kinda sick of these stereotypical ad types anyway, so the opportunity becomes greater.

By marketing your brand in cannabis, you are not only selling yourself but affecting an entire industry of people who want to better the health of others. That is an opportunity that no other industry has at the moment.

What are the latest trends in the cannabis space?

I see a ton of sleek products —  Puffco, Summerland Ceramics  that just seem to get it, as well as discreet packaging from companies like Dosist. Another trend we are going to see is more attention paid to the craft process of what we are consuming.

What are 3 things a cannabis brand need in order to do well in the industry today (and in the near-term future)?

Brands need to find the right partners to help establish their voice, make a large splash with their creative materials and story, and find the right marketing outlets to speak to the community. At 270M, we take brands through these phases for success.

Favorite strains for personal consumption (if any)?

Jack’s Dream.

Favorite local outdoor spot?

Anywhere by the ocean.

One thing that’s always in your fridge?

Iced black or green tea.

What song/album is on repeat on your Spotify?

Empire of the Sun and most recently Kaleo.

Something you wear that’s totally emblematic of your personal style?

I have this super simple Eddie Borgo silver bracelet that gets worn daily.

What do you like to do on a lazy day?

I’m a sucker for getting stuck binge-watching a show and ordering Seamless. This normally results in thinking of something else I can do on my not lazy days.

Thank you, Sarah!