The Hi-Light | March Edition

The Hi-Light is Say Hi’s monthly short list of products that we believe embody the future of cannabis. These are the best examples of innovative and relevant functionality, modern aesthetic, or all of the above. You can find them on Say Hi by looking for the HI icon.


Soul Addict, Holy Cacao Butter
Holy Cacao Butter is the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of non-psychoactive edibles. Made with full-spectrum CBD to help reduce unwanted inflammation and anxiety alike, it’s also packed with sumptuous and nutritious ingredients like raw organic coconut manna and agave nectar. Spread it on toast or just eat it straight. See it on Say Hi >

White Rabbit High Tea
Cannabis can be used to heighten experiences, and White Rabbit High Teas are the perfect example. White Rabbit throws social gatherings in the Los Angeles area filled with tea and temping towers of hors d’oeuvres – sweet and savory, all infused with cannabis. High Tea is a lush treat for all the senses, best shared with friends that you bring or that you make through the course of the afternoon. Available in CA only. See it on Say Hi >

Fundamental Berlin, Regenbogen
You may have noticed the Regenbogen in Hi&Low before. We own it, and we love it. It’s a substantial, sculptural vessel that works as well as a candy bowl as an ashtray, or as a decorative object for your coffee table. Made of rainbow-colored crystal (“regenbogen” is German for “rainbow”), it manages to be timeless while still capturing the spirit of the ongoing iridescent trend. See it on Say Hi >

Summerland, Chongo
Till now, bongs have been associated with putrid water and stoner psychedelic swirls. Summerland’s Chongo transports us to the modern present, and the present is clean. This bong is a luminous white that emphasizes its simple shape and beautiful contours. See it on Say Hi >

1906, GO Chocolates
The GO Chocolate from 1906 makes the list for embodying several of the most exciting innovations in cannabis. First, brands are embracing scientific methods in order to create products that have very specific and predictable effects. What’s more, cannabis is being used with increasing frequency to boost energy, which is the specific effect the GO chocolate promises. And just as importantly, cannabis edibles can look and taste great. Available in CO only. See it on Say Hi >


Mellows, Assorted Box of 12 Pieces
Mellows are imperative for checking off all of the boxes. They’re made with extreme care, using high quality ingredients, including single-origin Red Congolese sativa. Each mellow contains 5 mg of THC, which makes them great for controlling your dosage. Have one for a light euphoria, or more for a stronger experience. That is helpful when they look and taste like nostalgic treats and the assorted box comes with a range of flavors as broad as you might find in your favorite bakery. It can be hard to eat just one. Available in CA only. See it on Say Hi >

Tsubota Pearl, Two-Tone Queue Lighter
The lighter as we typically know it was designed to hold a useful amount of fluid and be compact enough to fit in a pocket. As it turns out, the standard dimensions aren’t the only ones that meet these criteria. The Queue Lighter is just as functional and portable, but its atypical elongated dimensions make it sleek, and the color-blocking makes it cheerful and modern. See it on Say Hi >

CAP Beauty, The Daily Hit
New York and LA-based CAP Beauty is known for stocking beautiful, natural beauty and skincare products. It’s a sign of changing times that they’ve extended their interest into cannabis to create The Daily Hit, a CBD oil that has all of the benefits you’d expect, supplemented with the addition of adaptogens, reishi mushroom, and more. See it on Say Hi >