Trends: Getting Predictable. Products Made for Highly Specific Effects.

We’ve all been there: you took one too many drags from a joint. Or you swore off edibles because last night’s brownie was about 5.5 times as strong as you wanted. Or the relaxed, blissful buzz you were expecting turned out to be a night of high speed munchie gluttony.

If you think that those experiences were your fault, we’re here to tell you that they weren’t, at least not entirely. For most of history, there was practically no way to understand what you were getting into when you bought weed flowers from your dealer, and there was even less knowledge of how to extract from them for predictable cooking or baking. We won’t tell you that that that type of negative experience is a thing of the past, but this is an exciting time because smart people are innovating in unprecedented ways, all to make your experience one you’ll actually enjoy.

In fact, the trend these days is to give you as much control as possible through as much specificity as possible, so that you can tailor your experience. If you walk into a dispensary, there are three main dimensions on which you can look for that specificity:

Dosage: This is probably the most basic of the dimensions. Knowing what an “average” dose of THC is (generally considered 10 mg) and how much THC a product contains lets you roughly understand the strength of the experience you’ll have. If each serving contains 5 mg, it should be easy to have a light dose to start and then dose up if you want.

THC to CBD ratio: THC causes psychoactive effects and the classic feelings being high. CBD doesn’t generate psychoactive effects but has relaxing and anti-inflammatory qualities. The compounds can be combined, resulting in a layering of effects. Increasingly common lately are products that only contain CBD and are a way to consume cannabis without the intoxication of being high. *Pro-tip: You’ll sometimes see “1:1” in the names of products, and this means that the ratio of THC to CBD is the same.

Terpenes: These are the compounds found in cannabis that steer the direction that your high takes. If we’re honest, there’s still a long way to go until scientists and cannabis experts have a truly detailed understanding of terpenes and their effects. Slowly but surely, though, they are getting closer. This is one of the trends in cannabis that we find most exciting, that brands are employing specific terpenes to create products for specific results, whether to help you fall asleep or to give you a relaxed sense of focus.

Some of the most interesting ways to consume cannabis combine all three of these dimensions to very specific effect. Take Kin Slips sublinguals and 1906 chocolates as examples. They’re a glimpse into the future, where cannabis comes in beautifully designed, delicious packets of exactly the kind of feeling you want. Chocolates, anyone?

Some favorites from Say Hi:

Kin Slips
Park Life, Regular Strength
These sublingual strips dissolve beneath the tongue and deliver only 1 mg of THC per strip. The emphasis is on CBD, and each strip contains 10 mg to deliver a relaxing effect.
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High Love
The terpenes used in this low-dose, gorgeous chocolate confection are meant to stimulate feelings of romance in order to enhance your most intimate moments.
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Lux Edibles
Cinnamon Roll Almond Spread
While you can’t choose your specific type of effect with Lux, you can choose your dosage. Each flavor comes in two different strengths. Choose the lighter version if you want to eat more spread without getting quite as high. That would be our perfect day.
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