Marijuana and Millennials are True BFFs

It’s 4/20 and we all know what that means: Your newsfeed is about to be inundated with marijuana stories from news organizations and brands far and wide. While surely they will all be entertaining, and likely use terms like “stoner” over and over again, it’s important to stay grounded in the simple truth that marijuana is here to stay and isn’t just a passing fad that lasts one day a year.

Don’t believe us? Just check out these four fast facts about marijuana and Millennials via The Tylt that show the love for this plant is just getting started.

Millennials are more pro-marijuana than alcohol

In a survey of more than 6,200 people, The Tylt found that 87.6 percent of millennials believe weed is safer than alcohol. Furthermore, more than 85 percent said they agree marijuana is actually good for your health.

Millennials hope their favorite athletes can consume marijuana one day

An astonishing 93.2% of millennials surveyed said they believe marijuana is better for athletes than painkillers. An additional 89.2 percent want weed to be legalized across all sports.

Millennials want the war on drugs to end

Of those surveyed 81.2 percent said they believe prisoners serving time for marijuana-related crimes should be released. An additional 54.4 percent think we should allow pot in public.

Millennials will also support hemp legalization in droves

Like marijuana, millennials see plenty of benefits to legalizing hemp too. In Tylt’s survey, it found that 85.7 percent of young people would support hemp legalization, which could allow for the sale of hemp-derived CBD drugs and open the floodgates to more research into the pant.

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