5 Things Every First Time Marijuana Consumer Should Know

So you’ve decided you’re going to consume marijuana for the very first time. Congratulations to you for making this monumental decision, and good on you for thinking it over before you imbibe. But, before you smoke, vape, or ingest weed in any way, here are five facts you should know so you’re fully prepared.

If you’re choosing to smoke make sure you actually inhale

Sorry everyone, but a contact high isn’t really a thing. Seriously, a group of scientists actually tested contact highs and it turns out the person next to you would have to be smoking a ridiculous amount of pot for a ridiculous amount of time in a completely unventilated room for you to get high. So, if you wanna get high you gotta inhale.

Choose your strain wisely

Like drinking, marijuana has plenty of varietals, too. So, if you’re looking for a body high that will make you feel lazy, heavy and truly relaxed try an Indica strain. But, if you’re looking for a mind high, one that gets you feeling euphoric and energized, go for a Sativa. If you need more help try heading to your local dispensary and speak to a budtender in person to find out the right strain for you.

Be ready to do nothing all day

The last thing you want to do is consume for the first time and then make plans with your friends. You don’t know exactly how this stuff will affect you (if it will affect you at all as sometimes first timers don’t get high at all), so make sure to clear your schedule, find a safe space, consume and chill. Oh, and make sure to have snacks (lots and lots of snacks) at your disposal.

Start off small

Since this is your first time consuming it’s probably best to start off with a very small dose of marijuana. Perhaps take just a few hits off a bowl, or try a vape pen with automatic dosing like those sold via Dosist. This way you won’t get too high to function and be turned off by pot forever.

Get ready for the giggles

If you’re lucky enough to get a little high your first time consuming you’ll likely fall into a giggle pit because marijuana is just so much fun. The best part? You won’t be hungover the next day either, meaning your giggles can continue well into the night.

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