The Hi-Light: May Edition

The Hi-Light is Say Hi’s monthly short list of products that we believe embody the future of cannabis. These are the best examples of innovative and relevant functionality, modern aesthetic, or all of the above. You can find them on Say Hi by looking for the HI icon.

Junk: Marshmallow Bon-Bons

Cannabis-infused edibles have historically tasted like junk, but this brand by Leif Goods uses the term ironically. They embody the future of cannabis by making edibles taste and look as good as the non-infused versions you’d buy at a specialty food shop. Junk’s chocolate covered vegan marshmallow bon-bons come infused with a salty-sweet taste that will certainly satisfy your sweet tooth The treats, which come with a high-CBD 3:2 ratio, will also make you feel make you feel warm and fuzzy all over. Each pack comes with 12 servings so you can share with friends, along with some epic packaging that you won’t be afraid to show off on your shelf.

High Society Collection: Stoned Earrings

These gorgeous drop earrings also come with a hidden purpose: They double as a roach clip! Each pair comes with pinchers to open and secure clip and serrated tips for optimal grip. Each one is 24K gold-dipped brass,  gold-fill ear hook, and natural stone.

Supreme Organics: Gummies

These teeny gummies from Supreme Organics can pack a mighty, but relaxing punch. Indeed, the fruity snacks, which comes in four flavors, are small enough to be discrete but will give you the mellow high you’re looking for with 10mg of precisely dosed THC. Each bag comes with 15 delish gummies you can share with friends who are equally enthused about the cannabis lifestyle.

However, as Supreme Organics shared: Please remember, newcomers and veterans alike, edibles act differently, based on body chemistry, than smoking – so wait at least a couple of hours before even thinking about consuming any additional dosage. You don’t want to overdo it and end up in some Hunter Thompson fear state. Have fun. And always… smoke and consume responsibly.