7 Activities You Should Take Part In With Friends After Consuming Marijuana

With the long weekend coming up, you may be looking to prepare for an epic session with your friends. Be it edibles, vaping, smoking, or consuming some other way that we haven’t even heard of, we support you. But, what exactly should you do after you consume with your friends? Here are a few activities that are totally worth taking part in once you start feeling the psychoactive effects.

Put together a puzzle

Sure, in normal life this sounds a little lame, but trust us, it becomes a hell of a lot more fun with the giggles.

Do yoga 

There is absolutely nothing more relaxing than stretching out with a light yoga session after imbibing. The cannabis will not only loosen up your mind, but it will also loosen up your muscles, helping you find maximum chill.

Watch a funny movie

Come on, you’re giggling already, why not take it all the way home? May we suggest Dumb and Dumber for some throw-back fun?

Visit a museum

Whip out your phone, open Uber, and pop in the address to a nearby museum. While there, sit quietly in front of an epic piece of art and study it in detail. Why? Well, why not? It may even inspire you to create your own masterpiece.

Talk with friends 

Hey, you consumed together so why not talk together? This may be the best time to discuss deep topics with your closest buddies and really open up. With your inhibitions lifted you may feel more inclined to let it all out.

Listen to music

Put on slow jams, rap, old-school, alternative, whatever, and sit back and listen. This way, you’ll be able to pay attention to every single word and think deeply about what the writer may have really meant with the lyrics.

Take a walk

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