It’s Pride Month. Say Hi to LGBT Leaders in Cannabis | Emily O’Brien

At Say Hi and Hi&Low, we truly believe that as the cannabis industry grows, we can incorporate positive business practices and set an example for other industries. And so some of the most important values at Say Hi are diversity and inclusivity, which we try to capture in everything from the products on the site, to the audience we write for, to our partners behind the scenes.

June is Pride Month, a time of year to highlight the accomplishments of the LGBT community. We talked to a few of our collaborators and partners, who shared some of the stories and insights from their experiences as LGBT members of the cannabis industry. In the first of the series, we talk to Emily O’Brien, the brilliant mind behind Mondo Meds.

Tell us a little about what you do in the cannabis industry.
I created a cannabis powder that enables people to microdose THC and replace Xanax. This allows users to feel comfortable and happy without feeling high.

What are some of the challenges you’ve encountered as an LGBT person in the industry? Are there any good learnings you’ve taken from those experiences?
I find most of the challenges come from being a woman rather a member of the LGBT community. There have been a few occasions where my sexuality has been brought up in a professional business meeting, and I have thrown down the lesbian card a few times. So I guess it can act like a shield, but I have never experienced any problems or difficulties with it.

What has been an opportunity, or just something you’ve loved about being an LGBT person in the industry?
It isn’t stigmatized at all. It wouldn’t look bad on my company that I identify as a lesbian. That’s incredible.

Do you think that being LGBT helped to equip you for a career in cannabis?
Yes. I have always felt like a rebel or an outsider growing up, due to my sexuality. This has absolutely helped spur my confidence in the cannabis industry because we needed to be rebels against the federal government to start our business.

Do you have a favorite hashtag that you’ll be using this Pride Month?
Our company is all about microdosing. The equal sign is synonymous with equality of LGBT rights.

Thanks to Emily for talking about her inspiring experience. If you want to share your story, leave a message on our Facebook page.