How to Build Your Cannabis Starter Kit

You love a good statistic, and here are two: over 52% of American adults had tried cannabis at least once as of a 2016 Pew Research poll, but only about 7% purchased cannabis products at least once a month. That means that most of us have been relying on the kindness of our generous friends when we partake. Puff, puff, pass has likely been your path to procurement.

Marijuana is quickly becoming an activity that you don’t have to hide from the law if you’re in one of the growing number of states with legal adult use, and that you don’t have to hide from your friends. After all, according to a 2018 Gallup poll, 65% of American adults think of cannabis use as morally acceptable, just barely trailing acceptability of same-sex marriage and stem cell research. What’s more, with painfully hip wares available these days, you might even want to graduate from bumming off your buddies to investing in a cannabis starter set of your own.

But where to begin? When there are so many options available, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with choice. We recommend building your kit based on three main considerations:


If you’re buying cannabis products and accessories for the first time, we’d wager that you consume at a light or moderate level and want to keep your purchases budget-friendly.


You want to make sure you’ll actually use what you buy rather than be intimidated by it. Remember that pour-over coffee set that you bought, with the chemistry beaker and the kettle with the strange spout, both of which are gathering dust on the shelf? You can avoid making that mistake again.

As a more casual cannabis consumer, keep it simple. That means you’ll want to buy smokeware that is straightforward to use and doesn’t require specialized components. Dabbing, which usually requires a rig, is probably too complicated and might result in too heavy a high, but more familiar approaches like smoking flower or vaping are likely within your comfort zone. If you don’t know yet whether you prefer smoking or vaping, you might consider a vaporizer that works with both flower and concentrate. It’s the reversible jacket of smokeware.

Products made with cannabis are increasingly being designed to contain very specific THC and CBD contents, and often at low doses, so that you can have a light experience or choose to consume more for a stronger high. At their best, these products are formulated to generate extremely targeted effects, like giving you creative energy or a boost in the bedroom. You’ll find this targeted approach often applied to edibles, many of which taste as good as non-infused foods. You may also want to try new forms of edibles like sublinguals, which are discreet, easy to share, and slower to expire — a handy feature if you don’t consume cannabis with much regularity.

Aesthetics & Design

Stoner swirls and marijuana leaves used to be the uniform of cannabis culture, but they aren’t anymore. Most people don’t realize yet that cannabis products are being designed in every trendy color palette and design scheme that you can find on the shelves of hip stores. The cannabis products you buy can reflect your sense of style as much as the print you bought for your walls. Get in on the modern marijuana action early so that you can say that you knew about the trend before it was cool.

If this is all still too much thinking for you, you can still have your cannabis starter set look as smart as you are. We put together our top recommendations to make the move from cannabis-curious to cannabis-capable.

Elevate Accessories’ The Dugout is essentially a starter kit in itself. This pocket-sized wooden case is designed to hold ground flower and the glass one-hitter that comes inside. It’s storage and smokeware all in one streamlined wood package, which, by the way, can be monogrammed. Even better, it’s a budget-friendly $80. See more details on Say Hi.>

Tribe Tokes’ Vape Saber is an attractively priced, discreet, and easy-to-use vaporizer for cannabis concentrates. It’s also cleverly made to charge using its built-in USB port. See more details on Say Hi.>

Little Garage Shop combines minimalism and a disregard for perfection in their Oregon-made ceramics. The same attitude applies to their smokeware, which consists of one quintessential style of one-hitter in a range of colors and glazing techniques. As a bonus, their pocket pipes are priced at a starter kit-friendly $30. See more details on Say Hi.>

Sauc’s CBD e-liquid works with vape pens like Topstone and contains no THC. That means that this product is non-intoxicating; it will soothe your anxiety but won’t get you high. It’s a gentle way to ease into cannabis. See more details on Say Hi.>

Kin Slips is one of the few makers of sublingual strips, which dissolve beneath the tongue. This approach to consuming cannabis is fast-acting, precise in dosage, discreet and portable. What’s more, they don’t expire as quickly as standard edibles, which gives you time to spread out your experiences, if you aren’t a frequent cannabis consumer. See more details on Say Hi.>

Crowns filter tips bring us back to basics with the art of rolling a joint. But even this simplest and most affordable way of consuming cannabis can be stylish. Check out our instructions on how to roll a joint, and see more details about Crowns on Say Hi.>

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