What is ASMR? And What’s Bob Ross Got To Do With It?

Have you gone through life feeling a pleasant tingling in your head that seemed to be triggered by certain types of sounds and wondered what that was all about? No, neither have we, but this is a sensation that enough lucky individuals seem to experience that it has been given a name: Autonomous Sensory Meridian […]

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Where Do Emojis Come From, and Why Are There No Cannabis Emojis?

Here is your fact of this National Emoji Day: “emoji” comes from the Japanese word for “pictograph,” which in turn comes from combining two Japanese characters, “e” (絵, “picture”) and “moj”i (文字, “character”). It’s pure coincidence that “emoji” looks like “emoticon,” even though the two serve the same purpose of expressing emotions through our digital […]

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Enter the Say Hi x Dear Kate Giveaway

PMS symptoms are, well, a pain, but cannabis products can help. Read more about it in the story we wrote with start-up Dear Kate, the destination for all-things related to women’s reproductive health. To celebrate the marriage of cannabis and period pain relief, Say Hi, Dear Kate and Empower BodyCare are running a giveaway! Win […]

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Say Hi to LisaMarie Lawrence, CEO of Monthly Gift

From this founder’s perspective, one of the most fascinating things that we do at Say Hi is make the connection between cannabis and people, things and places that our readers never thought a connection existed. It’s surprisingly easy to do, and that’s because cannabis at its best is a supplement for wellbeing, and who doesn’t […]

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