Hi-Fidelity: Playlists for the Buzzed (or Sober) Brain

There’s no doubt that music and marijuana were fated to live together in, well, harmony. Like we’ve written about in the past, it’s not just our own personal experiences that prove it. Scientists have shown that THC affects our auditory and visual processing, heightening our emotional responses and even the way we perceive the qualities […]

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Hi Art: Contemporary Art For The High (or Sober) Minded

Our favorite way to consume cannabis is in tandem with other things that we already love, like art. Art affects the brain in ways that few other experiences do; just read some of the work by our favorite Nobel Prize-winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel if you need a career’s worth of evidence. Kandel doesn’t discuss cannabis, […]

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What are Adaptogens, and are They Actually Good For You?

We’d wager that you’ve encountered the word “adaptogen” lately. It’s plastered on the bottles of high-end wellness supplements and mentioned routinely as a “superfood” on lifestyle sites like one founded by a certain blond actress-turned-wellness-guru. CBD is often labeled an adaptogen, too. But if you’re like the Hi&Low team, all the buzz makes us as […]

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Review: 1906 BLISS Peanut Butter Cups

At Hi&Low, we think seriously about the roles of form and function in cannabis. The same is true of the minds behind the Colorado-based edibles brand 1906. We were fascinated by the promise 1906 makes that each product in their line is designed to achieve very specific effects. Their GO chocolates, for example, are made […]

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Say Hi Launches Today

We don’t usually write about ourselves, but we’re making an exception today as we announce the launch of Say Hi. Say Hi and Hi&Low are sister sites joined by the mission of changing the way that modern people think about and consume cannabis. Hi&Low will still be the destination for smart, relevant, cannabis-focused conversation, interviews, […]

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