How to Roll a Joint for Beginners

A joint is an easy, portable way to smoke your cannabis. Plus, you can customize what goes into your joint to your liking, including flower strain(s), amount, and use of tobacco. While rolling a joint can be an art form (this one will definitely inspire some munchies), we simply focus on the basics. Where you take it from here (and where it takes you) is only limited by your imagination.

Grind the flowers for your joint either with your fingers or a weed grinder. Typical dosage is about half a gram to a gram for a joint. Make a lengthwise crease in your rolling paper to hold the shake (crumbled cannabis). You can choose to add your filter here. A filter gives you something to hold on to when smoking your joint and can help prevent nasty bits of ash from flying into your mouth.

Make sure the glue side of the rolling paper is at the top (away from you). Spread the shake evenly across the paper. Pinch the two ends of the rolling paper together and start to roll the weed into a compact shape for slower, smoother burning.

Once your joint is compact enough, tuck in the unglued side of the paper and continue to roll the joint. Wet the glue starting at the filter end and seal, and work your way down the roll. Before sealing the other end, use a pen, chopstick, or other similarly shaped instrument to slightly tamp down and further compress the cannabis in the joint.

Seal your joint with a twist, and enjoy responsibly.