Know Your Cannabis Lingo and Definitions

Here’s the essential vocab you need to know to avoid feeling like a newb. Affecting a Rastafarian accent is up to you, mon.

420: Code to get high, which may or may not take place at a specific time (4:20 pm) or a day (April 20th). The term “420-friendly” indicates places that accept the enjoyment of marijuana.

Blunt: A cigar that is sliced open, tobacco removed, and re-rolled with cannabis. The wrapper is made from compressed tobacco leaf, so both tobacco and marijuana are inhaled when smoking blunts. The name originates from Phillies Blunt, a popular cigar brand for this purpose. There are also rolling papers called blunt wraps, which come in various sizes and flavors.

Bowl: The part of the pipe or bong that is filled with marijuana.

Buds/flowers: The dried, often-coned shaped flower of the cannabis plant. Quality buds are generally well-trimmed of leaves and stems and cured for a couple weeks.

Cannabinoids: The chemical compounds in the cannabis plant that act on the human body’s built-in cannabinoid receptors. Cannabinoids can be either psychoactive or non-psychoactive.

CBD: Short for cannabidiol. CBD is a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants along with THC. CBD has a less psychoactive effect than THC and has become popular relieving the symptoms of various medical conditions including autism, seizures, and multiple sclerosis.

Cashed: When the marijuana in a bowl has burned away to unappetizing ash.

Cherried: When a bowl is able to stay lit without the need of a lighter.

Concentrate: Any product that has refined (or concentrated) flowers for increased potency and purity. This can include various types of hash and hash oils.

Cotton mouth: When your mouth feels like all the moisture has been sucked dry after smoking or eating cannabis.

Crystals: Refers to the cannabis plant’s trichomes, which are tiny structures containing most of the plant’s cannabinoids. Trichomes are used to create concentrates such as hash and hash oil.

Dabbing: Smoking concentrates such as hash oil by dropping them onto a hot surface and inhaling the resulting vapor via a “rig,” which is usually made of glass and sends the vapor through water.

Dank: A descriptor for high-quality and powerful-smelling weed.

Dutch/Dutchie: Another word for blunt, potentially made from the brand Dutch Masters.

Edibles: Tasty (and sometimes not so tasty) treats that are infused with marijuana. Edibles are a popular way to get the effects of marijuana without smoking it. Consuming cannabis can have a stronger and longer-lasting effect thank simply smoking it. You may have knowingly or unknowingly encountered a weed brownie and fell prey to its dubious potency.

Eighth: 1/8th of an ounce of cannabis or 3.5 grams by weight.

Endo/Indo: Cannabis plants that are grown indoors, although also used broadly for marijuana. You probably heard it back as a teen in Snoop Dog’s song “Gin and Juice” and may have wondered how you could get your hands on some.

Fatty: A big joint or blunt packed with a lot of weed.

Ganj/Ganja/Ghanja: Another name for marijuana. Evokes a Rastafarian vibe.

Green out: A comatose or hazy state from smoking or eating too much weed. Similar to drinking too much and blacking out. The best known solution is to wait it out or sleep it off.

Half: 1/2 ounce of cannabis or 14 grams by weight.

Hash/Hashish: The resin glands (trichomes) of the cannabis plant, which can be collected through various methods (water extraction, dry sieve).

Ice Wax: Very fine water-extracted hash.

Joint: A handmade cigarette for smoking cannabis. Typically made by rolling ground-up marijuana flowers in non-tobacco papers. You can add tobacco with the buds if you prefer. They range in size from pinners (small) to fatties (large) and shapes. May also be referred to as cone, spliff, doobie.

Keef/Kief: A term for dry sieve hash, one of the oldest trichomes extraction methods going back centuries. From an Arabic word meaning “pleasure” and “intoxication.”

Kind bud: Nothing gentle here; it means potent weed.

Nug run: Hash oil or water-extracted hash made from just the cannabis flowers, which contain the most trichomes and terpenes, rather than trim material. Provides higher potency and cleaner flavor.

One-hitter: A small, straight pipe that holds one or maybe two hits of marijuana and can be easily concealed. Or incredibly potent cannabis.

Ounce: Standard measurement of cannabis, and the largest amount that can be legally possessed by individuals. Commonly called OZ or “oh-zee.”

Quarter: 1/4 ounce of cannabis or 7 grams by weight.

Reefer: A term for a marijuana cigarette that was popularized in the 1920s. Likely a version of the Mexican Spanish “grifa,” which translates to marijuana/drug addict.

Resin: The black, tar-like substance that accumulates in a pipe after repeated use. Should be cleaned out regularly to prevent inhaling toxins/bad aromas.

Rig/Oil Rig: Glass pipes used for smoking concentrates such as hash. These pipes use a nail or other device that is heated so the concentrate vaporizes, producing smoke. Rigs almost always use water for cooling the smoke before inhalation.

Roach: A joint that has been smoked to almost the end. The resin turns the end of the joint a brownish color, resembling a cockroach. Roach clips are metal devices that can hold the remaining joint so your fingers don’t burn.

Schwag: Low-quality weed that contains a lot of seeds and stems. May also be known as ditch weed, Mexican brick weed, etc.

Shatter: Typically refers to transparent, shelf-stable hash oil, which breaks into pieces rather than bending. Opposite of “wax” (see below).

Skunk: Describing the smell of particularly pungent cannabis.

Spliff: Cannabis lingo for a joint that’s rolled with tobacco and marijuana. This is the typical European method.

Terpenes: The aromatic and flavor compounds found in nearly every plant. Terpenes are what makes each cannabis strain unique. 

THC: Short for tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the main cannabinoid found in cannabis and is responsible for most of the plant’s psychoactive properties. CBD acts as an antagonist to THC, reducing its psychoactive effects.

Tincture: A liquid extraction of cannabis often made with alcohol or glycerin. Weed tinctures can be administered under the tongue and provides a similar high to edibles.

Topicals: Balms, creams, and lotions infused with THC and other cannabinoids. Can be used to treat body pain or skin conditions. They don’t usually provide a mental or body high but can provide relaxing effects where they are applied.

Trim: The leftover leaves trimmed from cannabis flowers. Trim has less cannabinoid content than buds by weight but can still be effect when used to make edibles or tinctures.

Wax: Refers to opaque, crumbly hash oil. Can be sprinkled on a bowl for added effects. Opposite of “shatter” (see above).