Is Organic Cannabis a Thing?

As with anything else we put into our bodies, we want to be able to choose cannabis that has been grown without toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. But you likely won’t find a USDA Organic sticker on your marijuana flowers or cannabis products anytime soon. The term organic is federally regulated, and cannabis isn’t recognized by the USDA as a legitimate agricultural crop. However, many marijuana growers, wholesalers, processors, and retailers that follow organic and sustainable practices are turning to third-party companies providing organic certifications.

Clean Green Certified stickerOne such company is Clean Green Certified, which currently certifies cannabis farms, processors, dispensaries, and stores in California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Its Clean Green program requires onsite inspections and third-party lab testing, including analysis of soil, nutrients, pesticides use, mold treatment, and dust control over the lifecycle of the marijuana plants. Additionally, the program requires each cannabis operation to implement a carbon footprint reduction plan, water conservation measures, and fair labor practices to achieve the organic cannabis certification.

Certified Kind stickerIf you see the Certified Kind logo, that means the farmer, processor, wholesaler, or retailer are held accountable to the highest organic standards in the industry by Certified Kind. Also started as an alternative to the USDA Organic certification, Certified Kind’s rules are modeled after the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM) Norms for Organic Production and Processing, the USDA National Organic Program (NOP) standards, and the organic practices standards of the European Union, Canada, and Mexico.

While organic cannabis is not yet real by federal law, you can trust products with these stickers to be as organic as those bearing an USDA Organic sticker.

In case you were interested, below is a list of marijuana growers and companies in California that are certified by Clean Green Certified:

Artifact Nursery, Laytonville, CA
Barons Confections, CA
Bon Vivant
C.C. Ranch Enterprises
CannaPharm Collective
Central Coast Agriculture, Buellton, CA
Enchanted Springs Farm
Ethnobotanica, Watsonville, CA
Farmacy to Table
Fish Rock Farms
Foothill River Farms
Frogville Farms
Frost Flower Farms
Full Moon Farm
Grean Bicycles, Crescent City, CA
Green Soldiers Healers, Chatsworth, CA
Guerilla Farms
HappyDay Farms, Laytonville, CA
Harborside Oakland & San Jose, CA
Hazy Bulldog
Higher Ground Farms
Humboldt Alchemy Group
Humboldt Patient Resource Center, Arcata, CA
Humboldt Seed Company, Orleans, CA
Keepers of the CRAFT, Berkeley, CA
KISS Farms
Lassen Elevated Farms
Legacy Farms
Living Earth Wellness Center Collective, Los Angeles, CA
Mendo Sour Power
Mendocino Reserve, Philo, CA
Mountain High Club
My Blue Dove
North Coast Naturals
Oxendine Family Farm, Beverly Hills, CA
Restore Collective
Riverbed Botanicals
Santa Cruz Naturals, Aptos, CA
Sunrise Gardens
The Heart of Humboldt (THCA), Arcata, CA
Trinity Alps Farm

And below is a list of marijuana growers and companies that are certified by Certified Kind:

54 Green Acres
Bull Run Craft Cannabis
Cheshire Kind
Genesis Pharms
Massive Seed
Loved Buds
SunGreen Gardens
Upper Rogue Terraces

Delilah Telluride
Vail Valley Cultivations

NW Grown
Walden Cannabis
Zoobees Doobees Earthly Organics