Edibles Review: Satori’s Wild Strawberries in Organic Milk Chocolate

We, as people highly motivated by delicious foods, find cannabis edibles to be some of the most delightful innovations in the cannabis world right now. Not only are potpreneurs exploring options beyond traditional baked treats like brownies and cookies, they are refining THC and CBD content to meet different potency preferences.  

Longing wistfully for a taste of summer, we at Hi&Low took it upon ourselves to sample Satori’s cannabis-infused Wild Strawberries in Organic Milk Chocolate. The strawberry cannabis edibles, which are about the size of Raisinets, contain 3 mg of THC in each piece and are attractively packaged in a crisp tan box recalling kraft paper. There are 15 servings in each box, with Satori defining each serving as 3 pieces. 

Each piece consists of dried wild strawberry with a coating of organic milk chocolate. Overall, we thought the cannabis taste was mild and barely perceptible, while the chocolate had a fairly rich flavor and consistency. According to Satori’s website, its chocolates are made from the highest-quality ingredients, including rich, high-potency cannabis oil. The website also lists the ingredients and lab results for each product, making it easy to know what you are putting into your body. 

satori marijuana edibles

Our group of testers took between 1 and 3 pieces each and thought Satori’s recommended dose for the marijuana edibles was very accurate. A full serving (3 pieces) produced a robust but not overwhelming high, and a single piece generated a subtle but pleasant effect. We also had a consistent experience, with all reporting a peaceful, pleasant body high rather than heady and cerebral. Those who took single pieces were even able to read or work.  

Overall, we liked these cannabis edibles because they made dosing controllable and easy to adjust for your mood or individual tolerance. Cannabis-infused or not, edibles should also taste good. And these chocolate-covered strawberries succeeded at that, too.

The biggest issue with these strawberries may be the self-control needed to avoid snacking on them like candy. And indeed, we all agreed that we would happily use these cannabis edibles again in the future. (Check out our tips for enjoying edibles!)