Best Netflix Movies and Shows to Watch While High in November

It’s November, and that chill in the air, the crunching leaves under your feet, pumpkin spiced everything, and the longer nights are ideal for catching up on your Netflix queue. Whether or not you’re watching under the warm glow of a cannabis buzz, here are Hi&Low’s picks for best Netflix movies and shows to watch this month.

Hot Fuzz

We love English comedy for its dry wit and subtlety. Simon Pegg, best known for Shaun of the Dead, earns his stripes for his masterful ability to uphold the dry British style while also injecting over-the-top absurdity into his films. Hot Fuzz punctuates scenes from a sleepy English life with overblown buddy cop cliches, creating a pairing that convinces you you’re not actually watching a stoner comedy. Are you?

The Imitation Game

A recent Harvard study suggested smoking cannabis may improve cognitive function, which means light cerebral fare may be in order. The Imitation Game, a film about Alan Turing, the polymath who broke the Enigma Code during World War II, is sure to inspire, fascinate, and stir the elevated mind.

The Big Short

The notion of watching a movie about the financial crisis may daunt even the sober mind. But rest assured that The Big Short takes a complicated and monumental calamity and translates it into a fast-paced and enthralling series of events that makes staggering sense.

Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown far from occupies the top spot on Quentin Tarantino’s box office results. But this late 1990s film may be among his best. It features some of Tarantino’s classic tropes, including a powerful, drop-dead beautiful female protagonist and a great soundtrack, to name a couple. In contrast to its sibling films, whose sense of style is often achieved through garish violence, Jackie Brown captivates through its critique of blaxploitation, lending it a smarter sense of cool.

The Matrix

The Matrix may be nearly 20 years old, but it bears rewatching (and rewatching). Offering up sleekly dressed action heroes performing feats of the mind and body, along with a double doozy commentary about the nature of reality and our relationship with technology, this still-modern sci-fi classic is a visual feast for the eyes and for the buzzed mind.

Mind of a Chef

For the food-obsessed who prefer to watch their calories rather than give in to the temptation of the munchies, look no further than Mind of a Chef. Each season follows a chef through their culinary odyssey of seeking creative inspiration. If foodie voyeurism wasn’t enough, producer Anthony Bourdain narrates each episode with his classic persuasive storytelling and gravelly voice.

Never Let Me Go

Based on a novel by Kazuo Ishiguro, Never Let Me Go simultaneously projects a dark vision of the future alongside a heartfelt story about love and relationships, rousing up all of the feelings.


Dr. Strange

Is it obvious yet that we at Hi&Low have an inexplicable but unwavering interest in Benedict Cumberbatch? Beyond the pleasure we get from staring into his clear, squinty blue eyes, we like Dr. Strange’s unexpected take on the reluctant hero. The dizzying CG effects are delightful too, in whichever altered or unaltered state you’re in.

Stayed tuned for next month’s Netflix recommendations!