Creating a Modern Marijuana Brand

It’s no secret we at Hi&Low drool over cool design. Add to that a splash of irreverence and potent dose of creativity? Somebody get us a mop. So when we stumbled on Surface magazine’s design challenge, which asks design companies to rethink the marijuana branding and packaging of the future, we knew we were going to drown in good fortune.

We feature our favorite three submissions below. (Just coincidentally, two feature “Hi” in the name.)

Imagined Marijuana Brand by by Bruce Mau Design via Surface Magazine

Hi by Bruce Mau Design, Los Angeles

The use of color and facial expressions to code cannabis products in this imagined marijuana brand is kinda ingenious. In this age of emojis, we can barely process more than a few words strung together. Bruce Mau Design says: “Hi conjures up a bright and fun state of mind, designed to put consumers at ease in what otherwise may be an overwhelming decision. The vibrant colors and bold, friendly typography evoke both simplicity and general cheeriness, while the character Bud serves as a friendly guide to choosing products in an enjoyable way.”

Imagined Marijuana Brand by by Karlssonwilker via Surface Magazine

L’Enfer Est Volontaire by karlssonwilker, New York

This marijuana brand name is somewhat hard to read, but we already established above that words will soon be meaningless anyway. What’s important now is that it looks good. Also, a product that combines cannabis smoke with a handy snack will basically sell itself. Karlssonwilker says of its marijuana brand name: “It’s quite long, unwieldy, and nicely pretentious. It means that hell is only optional, that one has a choice to live in it or not. The accessible premium products of L’Enfer Est Volontaire (or L’EEV) give you that choice. The first one is a bag of artisanal chips filled with organic weed smoke from the Rocky Mountain, conveniently sealed together for highest quality and freshness.”

Imagined Marijuana Brand by by MGMT via Surface Magazine

Hi by MGMT, Brooklyn

This dreamy combination of Pantone pastels is hardly a snoozefest. We also dig the clean type and the riff on classic munchies: “Himalayan sea-salt chocolate bars, organic gummy bears, and hybrid kale chips — all providing a guaranteed ‘Hi.’” MGMT describes the aesthetic as “a post-modernist lava lamp; the mutable logo acts as a free-spirited doodle. Inspiration was drawn from Karel Martens and Gabriel Orozco. Unfortunately, no products were tested during the creation of this image.” Hey MGMT, sign us up for testing when available!