Hi&Low Gift Guide #3: Gifts for the Techie

It seems there’s a smart version of everything these days — from suitcases to plates that measure the nutritional content of your food. Connected cannabis devices exist too. Some will revolutionize your experience while others may seem a excessive. But is there really such a thing as excess when you’re giving holiday gifts? Here are our top gift recommendations for cannabis tech products.


These pens are sleek, affordable, and designed to deliver precise doses of cannabis. Choose from formulas designed to stimulate bliss, passion, sleep, arousal, calm, or relief. Because we can all use a little more of each during the holiday season. Available in select dispensaries in California. See the product list on Hmbldt’s website.

The Smart Herb Garden by Click & Grow

This planter makes it easy for anyone to cultivate a green thumb. The Smart Herb Garden by Click & Grow lets your cannabis techie plug and grow, automatically giving plants — whether basil or cannabis — just the right amount of water and light with an integrated energy efficient LED lighting system. Available at Click & Grow.


If your gift recipient has an empty 27″ x 62″ x 25″ space in his or her home, you might want to consider presenting them with a LEAF. LEAF is a serious growing device crammed to the gills with technology — from an industrial pH sensor and humidity sensor to app-controlled door lock and live stream camera. What’s more fun than watching a cannabis plant grow? Available from Leaf.


Firefly Vaporizer

A portable vaporizer that comes in a range of colors and over 30 pre-sets accessible via the app, the Firefly is sure to please even the most discerning of cannabis techies in your life. Available from Firefly.



MyDx isn’t for everyone, but it’s sure to delight and fascinate anyone interested in cannabis connoisseurship and serious science. This cannabis tech product delivers the exact chemical composition of your cannabis to your phone for endless hours of nerding out. Available from MyDx.