Cannabis Strains to Get You Through Holiday Stress

The holidays can be mentally and physically draining. To keep you feeling festive and not frosty, here are the cannabis strains that can help you deal with five common holiday-induced problems.

Holiday Problem: Stress

Let your stress melt away like a bad nightmare with Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain lifts you into an euphoric mental state with noticeable relaxing physical vibes. Blue Dream won’t leave you in a stupor either, making it a popular choice for daytime medication.

Find it in edibles form:
Cavi Taffu
Cheeba Chews (70mg hybrid quad dose)
Keef Cola – Blue Razz (100mg THC)
Mondo Cannabis Powder

Holiday Problem: Social Anxiety

Strawberry Cough can help get you through the times when you need to quell anxiety and feel energized enough to hold conversation. Although a potent sativa, paranoia levels tend to be low and left in the shadows of the more dominant cerebral, uplifting effects.

Find it in edibles form:
Baked – Strawberry Cough : Shatter Pop 100mg THC
Acme Chews – 50mg CBD/5mg THC

Holiday Problem: Insomnia

With its high levels of the terpene myrcene, the indica Granddaddy Purple will effectively knock you for the count. Even the sound of Santa coming down the chimney won’t disturb your peaceful slumber.

Find it in edibles form:
Evergreen Herbal – 420 Milk Choc Plain Single 10mg
Eh High Tea PM
Granddaddy Purple 1G
Optimum Extracts Strawberry Cream Flavored
Winterlife – GDP 1G

Holiday Problem: Low Energy

Put down the fifth cup of coffee, and pick up Durban Poison to recharge. This strain can pull you out of a fog, and let you be the bright shining happy star you are. The strain is also lauded for the creative energy it gives, so you can finally finish assembling that gingerbread house.

Find it in edibles form:
Ethos Extracts – Happiest Self THC/CBD Spray Tincture
Seattle Pure Extracts – Durban Poison 0.5G Rosin

Holiday Problem: Indigestion

After overindulging, reach for the after dinner mints — Thin Mint GSC. This potent hybrid produces a powerful full-body effect that will make you forget about that extra helping of Christmas ham. If you’re looking for a strain with less of a mind-melting high, high-CBD strain Ringo’s Gift is a gift that keeps on giving.

Find it in edibles form:
Sugarleaf Farm – Thin Mint 3.5G
MoonMan’s Mistress – CBD Starcluster Superfood Cookie (10mg CBD per cookie)
MoonMan’s Mistress – CBD Solar Flare Chocolate Chip Cookie (10mg CBD per cookie)