Hi Art: Best Museum Shows & Art Exhibits, January – March 2018

New Year’s resolutions can be hard to keep, but if one of yours is going to see more (and better) art, it might be easier than you expect. Museums across the country have beautiful, innovative, thought-provoking exhibits lined up for 2018. We’ve picked out a few of the exhibits we’re most excited to see, all happening in the first three months of the year.

Nathaniel Mellors: Progressive Rocks, The New Museum, New York, New York

Nathaniel Mellors is known for a sharp, satirical sense of humor to critique contemporary morality and power structures. This New Museum show will have you immersed in his fantastical videos and installations, which can both induce laughter and a deep pondering of ethics simultaneously.

Art in the Age of the Internet From 1989 to Today, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts

Fine art has always been a medium for exploring the connections between people. So what more appropriate subject for 2018 than the Internet? This ICA show features works across a range of media — from painting to video art — to inspire you to consider your life in the age of the ‘net.

Lauren Halsey: We Are Still Here, There, MOCA Grand Avenue, Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles-based artist Lauren Halsey takes up residency at MOCA to create an ever-changing room of sensory stimuli. Colors and textures abound in this space designed for exploration.

Endless Summer, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Illinois

Light and space artists are the subject of the MCA’s “Endless Summer.” This group of artists from Southern California, whose ranks include Ed Ruscha (News, shown above), imbued their works with the atmospheric color and glow of the West Coast. If you think of minimalist art as dull and cold, this is a show to change your mind.

Christopher Knowles: In a Word, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Houston, Texas

Christopher Knowles’s work spans a variety of media, from painting to poetry. It’s only to be expected, then, that his work is complex, rhythmic, and mesmerizing. Perfect for an afternoon of intoxicating artistic adventures.