Trends in Cannabis

The cannabis delivery service Eaze just released a report highlighting trends among its 350,000+ California cannabis consumers. While some of the report is marketing for the company, there are some interesting insights into the trends, preferences, and behaviors across demographics.

Here are the top four that caught our attention:

Ready-to-Use Products Topped Flower for the First Time

Turns out we want our cannabis consumption to be as easy as our Netflix habit. Vaporizers, combined with pre-rolls, edibles, and other “convenience” were ordered more times than flowers in 2017. Consumers want products that are easy and ready to use, portable, perfect for life’s activities, such concerts or camping.

Californians Prefer Hybrids

Almost two-thirds (60%) of Californians ordered hybrid strains, while 30% ordered sativa strains and 10% indica. Five new strains were introduced, and snatched the top spot in amount ordered: LA OG. LA OG is “a sweet and earthy smelling indica known for its relaxing effects.”

Women Are Spending More Than Before

Women cannabis consumers spent 20% more on average per month in 2017 compared to 2016. The number of women consumers also increased from 25% of Eaze’s customer base in 2015 to 35% in 2017.

Generational Product Preferences

Baby Boomers gravitated toward topicals in 2017, while Millennials clearly preferred vaporizers (Eaze’s data showed 72% of Millennials purchased one in 2017). On the other hand, Gen Xers prefered edibles and drops, suggesting a preference for non-smoking options for consumption.