Interview: Biz and Mari of Stoner Girl Diary

Biz and Mari are the stoner best friends we wished we had — make that deserve. After all, they know how to be the best sesh partners, choose the perfect edibles, and rock the most fab stoner beauty. All while being a stoner lady.

Biz and Mari started creating Stoner Girl Diary videos on YouTube because they wanted to get away from stoner stereotypes that perpetuated images of “tie-dye shirts, red-eyes, and Cheeto dusted fingertips.”As soon as they went live with the first episode of Stoner Girl Diary on YouTube, the response was incredible.

We chat with these Biz and Mari about the name behind Stoner Girl Diary, most popular episode, and how the key to a lasting relationship is purple hair.

How long have you been doing Stoner Girl Diary?

September 30, 2018 will be the third anniversary of when we first released Stoner Girl Diary on YouTube. It will also be our third year throwing our annual All-Girl 4/20 Party. We look forward to it every year!

What made you decide to create Stoner Girl Diary?

Stoner Girl Diary was born from the indisputable need to end the stoner stereotype. We wanted to create a platform where we could give a fresh voice to cannabis enthusiasts from all walks of life.

We chose to call the show Stoner Girl Diary because we felt like women were usually the most poorly represented within the cannabis community. The show actually stemmed from a Facebook page we started where we frequently posted pictures of cute stoner-related things, like pink joints, cute bongs, and girls smoking.

Overnight the page gained thousands of new followers, and we instantly realized we had hit a nerve inside the marijuana movement.

What has the response been like? Were you surprised?

The day we released the very first episode of Stoner Girl Diary we were terrified what others would think. Living in Florida, which only became a medical state this year, many people are still very close-minded and judgmental when it comes to cannabis consumption. However, a few days after the show’s launch, our inbox filled up with praises from stoners from all around the world thanking us from representing stoners in a positive way.

What has been your most popular episode?

Our most popular episode to date has been the “Do’s and Don’ts of Being a Stoner.” This series was so popular that we had to come out with a Part II, which was largely requested by our audience. We think these episodes are popular because they appeal to both a stoner and non-stoner demographic.

I think those who are new to the cannabis world usually feel intimidated by those who are more experienced and have a hard time asking questions in public. Videos like “Do’s and Don’ts” help those who are pot novices gain confidence and get educated on cannabis culture from the comfort of their own homes.

How did you become friends?

We met through a mutual friend! Mari, who is a jack of all trades, came over one day to dye my roommate’s hair purple. Once we realized we were nextdoor neighbors, the rest was history.

What challenges have you faced with Stoner Girl Diary?

We depend on monetary sponsorships in order to continue funding the show, throw events, and create new merch, so it’s really important to find companies that are willing to sponsor us. But when trying to partner up with bigger companies in order to receive monetary sponsorships, our affiliation with cannabis hasn’t always worked in our favor.

Our approach to this is usually working with companies that cater to a more alternative audience. That way we don’t have to sacrifice our creative integrity or become a watered-down version of ourselves.

Stoner Girl Diary interview

What’s the near-term and future goals for Stoner Girl Diary? Personally?

We recently launched a limited edition lip balm with CannaSmack, a company that makes hemp-infused lip balms, lotions, and a complete skincare line called Luxe. The flavor is Passion Fruit Haze! It is so delicious, and it has been so much fun to design and develop the flavor. We are definitely looking forward to collaborating with more companies in the future.

Also, we are looking forward to going on tour with Stoner Girl Diary and planning various meet and greets with our fans while recording episodes on the road.

We both have many different hobbies and personal projects, but for now we both work for HGAB Studios (the production company that films SGD) and are excited to continue to develop more shows and content for our audience. Mari is the Art Director for HGAB Studios, and Biz is the Production Manager.

Favorite strains for personal consumption?

Biz: Gorilla Glue
Mari : Girl Scout cookies + Pineapple Express

What are your favorite cannabis products/gadgets/accessories?

Biz: The MedTainer and the Volcano Vaporizer
Mari : The Toker Poker + Van der Pop cones and grinder cards

Favorite local outdoor spot?

Biz: Our Rooftop
Mari: The Beach

One thing that’s always in your fridge?

Biz: Cheese (:
Mari: Kombucha and yogurt

What are the best books you’ve recently read?

Biz: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
Mari : Girl Boss + Not That Kind of Girl

What song/album is on repeat on your Spotify?

Biz: Alt-J’s newest album: Relaxer
Mari : CTRL by SZA

Something you wear that’s totally emblematic of your personal style?

Biz: My UFO ring
Mari : My Levi denim jacket with my pin collection

What do you like to do on a “lazy” day?

Biz: I like to write screenplays or read tarot cards
Mari: I love to smoke and go skating, or buy some junk food and go watch a movie by myself

Thanks for chatting with us, Biz and Mari!