Best Netflix and Amazon Prime Shows and Movies to Watch While High | March Edition

The end is near — of winter, that is. We’re more than ready for some springtime sun, but in the mean time, we think it’s wise to relish these last few weeks of guilt-free binge-watching that March affords. Check out our recommendations for the best shows and films available on Netflix and Amazon Prime this March.


The Life Aquatic
It’s a Wes Anderson film, so there are a few things you can be certain to find, including stylized, color-saturated sets and a catchy indie soundtrack, all of which will satiate your THC-intoxicated brain.

Ugly Delicious
Watching munchies can be just as good as eating them. Maybe not, but each hour of traveling with David Chang as he explore foods that look achingly delicious is an hour well spent in our book.

Best In Show
Still one of the best examples of the mockumentary genre, Best In Show is a thinking person’s stoner flick. Set in a dog show, it uses eccentric personalities, over-coiffed canines, and awkward “candid” moments to bring you to a silly surreal world that you’re glad to be watching from the outside.

Jessica Jones, Season 2
The first impression that Jessica Jones makes is that she is one badass independent woman. And while that remains true, we like that the show adds some balance with glimpses into her more vulnerable moments. She’s one nasty woman we’re happy to welcome back this Women’s History Month.

Blue Planet
It’s nearly 17 years old, but the Blue Planet miniseries is still one of our favorite documentaries about nature. An exploration of the oceans, it brings you into the vast underwater part of our planet that feels as alien as the far reaches of outer space.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko went straight to video back in 2001 but still managed to become a cult classic. The story of a teenage boy who survives a freak accident, the movie is irresistibly hallucinatory, eerie, and funny all at once.


We can’t help but be drawn to a show featuring a woman in power. That’s the case even if this particular woman and her staff are politically incompetent, ethically defunct, and socially inept. It’s satire, after all.

Dr. Who
We liken Dr. Who to soccer; it’s a worldwide phenomenon that has never really caught on as strongly in the U.S. A sci-fi action comedy with the constant tease of potential romance, you may find yourself watching all 840 episodes.

Flight of the Conchords
We can think of two good reasons to get into Flight of the Conchords: 1) it’s a goofy musical comedy about making it in New York, 2) New Zealand accents.