Say Hi Launches Today

We don’t usually write about ourselves, but we’re making an exception today as we announce the launch of Say Hi. Say Hi and Hi&Low are sister sites joined by the mission of changing the way that modern people think about and consume cannabis.

Hi&Low will still be the destination for smart, relevant, cannabis-focused conversation, interviews, and features. We’ll always be the source of conversations about topics that we hope are interesting to anyone, whether you’re purely looking for recommendations on new museum shows, or you’re a cannabis connoisseur interested in updates on the science of THC.

Say Hi is focused on the incredible innovation happening in the world of cannabis products. It’s the only marketplace that connects you with an edited assortment of design-oriented, functional products that are relevant to a modern lifestyle. We’re a destination for discovery, like Etsy, Tictail, or Artsy, for great cannabis products.

Screenshot of product browse page

How does it work? Browse by categories and brands, and filter by state to see what’s available near you. Add products to your Stash to build customized lists of what you like. You can purchase directly from our partner brands, or find out which dispensaries carry the products you like. And add to your Stash to cast an upvote for the products we feature every week. Check back every two weeks for new arrivals, and read our monthly editions of The Hi-Light, Say Hi’s shortlist of products that best embody the future of cannabis.

We hope you’re as excited as we are. This is big.


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