Review: 1906 BLISS Peanut Butter Cups

At Hi&Low, we think seriously about the roles of form and function in cannabis. The same is true of the minds behind the Colorado-based edibles brand 1906. We were fascinated by the promise 1906 makes that each product in their line is designed to achieve very specific effects. Their GO chocolates, for example, are made to provide a boost of energy, while their LOVE chocolates are made for aphrodisiac effects. Moreover, the brand is known for its aesthetics, especially the faceted gem-like shape it uses across the line.

With such an attractive exterior, we tested 1906’s BLISS peanut butter cups to know if we could be equally enthusiastic about their substance. As its name suggests, BLISS was formulated to generate euphoria. Sold in dark and milk chocolate varieties in packs of 2 cups, 1906 recommends 1 peanut butter cup per serving, which contains 5 mg of THC and 5 mg CBD. The high is meant to be light and controllable. (For perspective, a full dose of THC is commonly estimated to be about 10 mg, though in reality, this varies by body weight, body type, whether you consume on a full stomach, and a range of other factors.)

Photo of BLISS cups

In the end, we tested the 1906 peanut butter cups several times. Following the recommended serving size the first trial, our tester dozed off within about half an hour. Waking up from an unexpected afternoon nap, he felt relaxed and clear-headed, though not necessarily euphoric.

We suspected that the full serving had been too strong for him and were curious to see if smaller portions would produce better results. His second trial, our tester began with ¼ of a peanut butter cup, which produced a noticeably pleasant change in mood while leaving him entirely functional, the ideal version of the effect promised by 1906.

Our recommendation: start small with 1906 BLISS cups and dose up as you feel appropriate. The challenge is having self-control when the cups are delicious, according to two of our staff members, both of whom have discerning palates. The cannabis flavor is almost imperceptible, the peanut butter is satisfying and earthy, and the chocolate is smooth, rich and complex. Tough problems in this world of new edibles, we know.

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