How Can You Make Your Own Ceramic Piece? First, Learn the Anatomy of a Pipe.

The first time you smoked cannabis from a pipe (also commonly called a “bowl” or a “piece,” all of which Hi&Low uses interchangeably), you might have fumbled around trying to coordinate inhaling while holding the lighter and placing your finger on that little hole on the side. We did too. But there’s a purpose behind every part of that pipe, beyond the universe trying to stump novices, and they’re worth a quick anatomy lesson.

diagram of a pipe


Pipes consist of four basic components. First, there’s the bowl, so essential that people have adopted the word “bowl” for the entire device. Shaped like the vessel you use at your dinner table, the bowl is where the ground cannabis sits and is eventually burned. Connected to the bowl are two channels. The more intuitive of those is the stem, the long tube that serves the important role of keeping fire a safe distance from your mouth. Hot smoke also has the opportunity to cool down to a manageable temperature in its journey through the stem. The stem ends at the mouthpiece, which is where you apply yourself to inhale. The less intuitive channel extending from the bowl is the carb, which ends in a small hole on the outside of the bowl. It’s meant to be covered by your finger while you light the ground flower. Once you’ve created enough smoke, captured in the bowl and stem, releasing your finger from the carb allows air to flow to the mouthpiece as you continue to inhale. So that curious little hole serves a critical role in improving the efficiency of the pipe.


There’s no denying the resurgence of pottery as a hobby and as a material used by indie designers of all types of products. You only need look at brands like Summerland and The Pursuits of Happiness to be convinced that pottery has made its way into pieces too (hey, you can’t spell “pottery” without…).

ceramic smokeware image

A pottery pipe is a challenging project for the hobbyist, but the reward could be a one-of-a-kind creative object that you’re actually proud to have. Our words of advice:
– All four components of a pipe are critical. Mind the stem and carb as you mold your piece; the pipe won’t function without them.
– Make sure you glaze your piece thoroughly before you fire it for the last time. Glaze is critical for creating a surface that not only looks good but is easy to clean and interacts with your cannabis in the right way.

If you set out to become a piece artiste, send us pictures of your master-pieces. FB and Instagram: @sayhitheredotcom

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