Hi-Fidelity: Playlists for the Buzzed (or Sober) Brain

There’s no doubt that music and marijuana were fated to live together in, well, harmony. Like we’ve written about in the past, it’s not just our own personal experiences that prove it. Scientists have shown that THC affects our auditory and visual processing, heightening our emotional responses and even the way we perceive the qualities of music. But why stop at writing about cannabis and choruses?

This playlist, edited by our music contributor, is meant to feel bright, colorful and crisp as you listen. Let us know what you think.


In the process of curating our playlist, we also asked for recommendations from followers on Facebook and Instagram. We got some great ideas and put those together for you too. Thanks to everyone who contributed, and follow us on Facebook and on Instagram to send in your suggestions for our next crowd-sourcing calls to action. @sayhitheredotcom on both FB and Instagram.