The Hi-Light | April Edition

The Hi-Light is Say Hi’s monthly short list of products that we believe embody the future of cannabis. These are the best examples of innovative and relevant functionality, modern aesthetic, or all of the above. You can find them on Say Hi by looking for the HI icon.


Lux Edibles, Cinnamon Roll Almond Spread

When we imagine our ideal edible, it’s irresistibly delicious and easy to eat, gives us clear control over the amount of THC and CBD we eat, comes in an attractive package, and has health benefits beyond those that are delivered from cannabis. It’s a tall order, but Lux Edibles fills it with their Cinnamon Roll Almond Spread. What could be more tempting? Spread the organic goodness on toast or use it as an ingredient in homemade truffles. And it comes in two strengths (we prefer the lighter, so that we can focus less on our THC intake and concentrate on eating larger quantities of cinnamon bun inflected almond butter). See it on Say Hi. >

Elevate Accessories, The Dugout

The Dugout by Elevate Accessories is just about the perfect piece of smokeware, whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur or a newbie. From the outside, it looks like an unassuming streamlined and modern wooden case. But it’s more than meets the eye. Open the box, and you’ll find room to store ground flower and a minimalist glass joint, which fits perfectly into its own slot. It’s everything that you need in a self-contained, highly portable package. Even better, almost every part of the Dugout is customizable, and you can even get it monogrammed for yourself, or as a gift for your favorite smoking loved one. See it on Say Hi. >

Empower BodyCare, 4Play

Brilliant minds have studied cannabis to the point where the compounds in the plant can be used for a variety of purposes. Products like 4Play by Empower BodyCare are a perfect example, where, without getting high, you can make use of cannabis to enhance your most intimate moments. We think that’s pretty, well,exciting. See it on Say Hi. >

Vertly, Hemp-Infused Body Lotion

Created by a former editor at W Magazine, Vertly is one of the most beautiful brands in cannabis. But the brand is more than just appearances. Vertly’s Hemp-Infused Body Lotion is the newest addition to their small but growing line, and it is packed with full spectrum hemp-derived CBD, anti-bacterial peppermint hydrosol, regenerating sunflower oil, and more. Rub the lotion on your sore muscles after a long workout, or on dry feet. Vertly represents a lifestyle that immerses you in some of the things we’re passionate about at Say Hi, wellness and design. See it on Say Hi. >

Kin Slips, Cloud Buster

Whether it’s work, current events, or any number of other things, stress comes at us from all angles, so we appreciate that Kin Slips’ Cloud Buster is designed to break through the noise. Its precise blend of cannabinoids and terpenes is meant to give you energy and help you generate thoughts that are creative, euphoric, and focused. It comes in a beautifully designed, portable package and three strengths to give you control over your experience. See it on Say Hi. >

Dipstick Dipper Vaporizer

The name may be a bit goofy, but the Dipstick Dipper Vaporizer is as sophisticated as they come. This truly compact device is used for concentrates, so that you can dab at home or on the go, without one of the intimidating (and unattractive) rigs that people usually associate with dabbing. It’s rechargeable and heats up nearly instantaneously, making it the most clever Dipstick we know. See it on Say Hi. >