6 Tips for Mastering the Art of Enhanced Outdoor Entertaining

The days are long, the breeze is warm, and it’s silly to even think about scheduling a meeting on a Friday afternoon. It’s summer, the season to live life the way it was intended by combining friends, food, and the open air. And while there’s no need to mess with that classic recipe for outdoor entertaining, there’s always room to enhance. This might be the summer to try a buzzed barbecue, an high-ice cream party, or a clam bake. And with cannabis products abounding in new shapes, sizes, and specific dosages, you and your guests can be as alert as ever while on grilling duty and in prime form for that game of corn hole.

1) How high?
First and foremost, you’ll want to decide just how infused your menu will be. At the highest level (no pun intended), you should consider whether your entire menu or only select edibles will be THC-infused. Alternatively, you could focus the experience on CBD, which reduces anxiety and is non-psychoactive. Unless you operate at the level of a cannabis professional, we recommend against an entire menu of edibles; it’s a recipe for getting your guests too high. If you’re looking to enhance the warm glow of a classic summer party, serve a majority of uninfused bites with a small but well-curated range of low-dose edibles and infused beverages. And as always, think first about the kind of experience your guests would like.

2) What’s cooking?
To quote our friend Allison Robicelli, people who aren’t professionals should probably not cook with cannabis. It’s no small feat to make edibles taste good, and even experienced cannabis cooks get dosing wrong, very wrong. Fortunately, there are endless options for beautiful, delicious edibles and even refreshing elixirs that make for perfect festive fare.

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If you insist on something homemade, there are ways to be successful going that route, too. Rather than trying to make an extraction with flower and butter or oil, we recommend going the simpler and much more reliable route using high quality infused ingredients designed with cooking in mind. You’ll be able to control dosage with a good amount of precision and minimize that green flavor that, let’s face it, no one enjoys. Green Witch’s minty CBD elixir can be a great addition to a watermelon granita, for example.

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3) Call it what it is, and use labels.
This is the most tedious step in high party planning, but it’s also one of the most important. You want your guests to know the infused chocolates from the ones you brought back from Belgium, after all. You might want them to know details like milligrams of THC and/or CBD per serving, and even the effect that bite is supposed to deliver. Remember that slate cheese board you got for your wedding? This is the perfect time to break it out, or just make quick labels for each plate. For extra points for color coding (assigning a specific color plate to all of your edibles), which can also be used to impressive aesthetic effect too.

Image result for hay design plates
HAY Kitchen Market plates come in a range of color, ideal for color-coding.

4) Eat, drink, and be merry.
Don’t forget cannabis-free food and drink because a party without cake is just a meeting (to quote Julia Child), and if THC-infused edibles are on the menu, so are the munchies and cottonmouth. As the sophisticated adult you are, you can do better than serve junk food and soda. Give your guests food and drink they’d enjoy even if they weren’t cannabis-buzzed. No one with the munchies was ever disappointed by grilled fish tacos with chipotle aioli.

5) It’s all about timing.
Keep in mind that it takes time to feel the effects of most edibles. Plan for a long, leisurely time with your friends. Consider providing other ways of imbibing, too, like sublinguals, vaping, and old fashioned smoking, whose effects are more immediate. Plus, there’s nothing quite like the communal experience of puff, puff, passing.

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6) Set the mood with music.
Cannabis heightens sensory experiences, so take advantage that. Think about the tone you want to set, whether it’s slow and relaxed or upbeat and energetic, and make a playlist to match. Try our recent playlist if you’re going for a colorful, bright mood.

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